Why Are Cam Locks Useful?

Why are cam locks useful

The simplicity, efficiency, and versatility of cam locks make them a practical choice for a wide range of applications where secure and adjustable fastening is essential. At Unico, we supply a 25mm threaded cam lock manufactured by Siso, which is a noteworthy addition to the world of security solutions, due to its versatile size and durability. This lock is a reliable choice for various applications such as:

  • Cabinets and drawers
  • Equipment cases and toolboxes
  • Filing cabinets and retail displays
  • Mailboxes and lockers
  • Enclosures and casing

If you are looking to purchase cam locks, you will be interested to know some of the key benefits and reasons why they are considered a valuable addition.

Quick assembly and disassembly

Our cam locks allow for rapid and efficient assembly and disassembly of furniture, from cabinets to enclosures. This is particularly advantageous for items that may need to be transported or stored in a compact form before assembly.


Cam locks allow for fine adjustments during installation. This adjustability can be crucial for ensuring a precise fit, alignment, or tension between components.

Easy to use

Siso cam locks are designed for straightforward and simple installation and operation.

Secure fastening

Threaded cam locks provide a secure and reliable fastening solution. Once locked, the cam lock holds components firmly together, preventing accidental disassembly and ensuring the security of contents.

Minimal hardware visibility

Cam locks are designed to be relatively inconspicuous, with minimal hardware visible on the exterior of furniture or enclosures. This can contribute to a clean and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Variety of applications

25mm cam locks are versatile and can be used in different industries and settings, from furniture assembly to automotive, electronics, and beyond. Their adaptability makes them a go-to choice for many professionals.


Cam locks are cost-effective solutions, both in terms of the hardware itself and the time and labour saved during installation.

Replacement and maintenance

These locks are easy to replace if needed, which can simplify maintenance and repairs. This can be especially beneficial for items that may experience wear and tear over time.


In cases where security is required, such as securely locking cabinets or drawers, cam locks provide a convenient and effective solution without the need for complex locking mechanisms.

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