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Recliner and Steamer Chair Fittings

  We Supply Recliner and Steamer Chair Fittings Have your steamer chairs become damaged or have missing parts? The winter weather can take its toll on outdoor furniture but at Unico , we supply all the parts necessary to restore steamer chairs and get them back into use, so you can enjoy sitting outside again! Where can I find steamer chair fittings? From ratchets and pawls to chair stops and backplates we have what you need to repair furniture. We only supply high-quality fittings which offer durability and longevity, ensuring years of use. Explore our range by clicking here  where you'll find steamer chair fittings that seamlessly integrate with various chair designs and outdoor furniture settings. Why choose Unico for your recliner chair fittings? Unico has been supplying recliner chair fittings to both the furniture industry and to retail customers, delivering on time and at a great price for over 50 years. You can trust Unico to supply good quality, long-lasting furniture fixt