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Sliding Doors

Of course, we are referring to 'sliding doors' as in room dividers, not the film! In the past room dividers were flimsy, often tacky looking, but now the grown up version is modern, stylish, practical and bang on trend . Sliding door room dividers can come in a variety of styles and finishes, from simple minimalistic to chic glass, or a more rustic feel utilising reclaimed barn doors or wood. It can be an interior designer ’ s dream no less! The sliding door room divider has become the contemporary, budget friendly and easy to install item to completely update and transform a room. We are starting to see them now in a diverse range of places such as student accommodation, hotel rooms, homes and offices. One of the main benefits of the sliding door room divider is being able to temporarily create a multi purpose room when needed, and change it back easily when not. Either in order to hide clutter, but also equally important, is being able to simply just switc