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As tradesmen (cabinet makers, carpenters and furniture designers) we look for products that match our level of expertise. The accessories we use in our production must match the high standards we expect from ourselves and provide to our clients. Producing furniture that will keep family, employees and belongings safe under lock and key is no mean feat. It is comforting to know then,by purchasing locks from, and putting trust in the Martin Lehmann name, superior security can be achieved.
Customers as partners,say Lehmann As a family run company, the Lehmann brand has become a market leader in Europe. Lehmann locks are produced in Germany and like many German brands you can be assured of the highest quality. From the country that gave us Audi, Adidas and Braun, it goes without saying, quality as well as customer satisfaction are a high priority. You may already be familiar with the Huwil lock range and interestingly, Huwil was incorporated into the Lehmann business in 2009. The company pa…

Modern Kitchens Need Clever Storage

Heart of the HomeFor many households, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It's where you might entertain, spend quality family time, celebrate special occasions, or simply enjoy conjuring up culinary delights! How a kitchen looks often mirrors the personality of the home and we spend a lot of time on choosing the right kitchen unit style and colour, with perfectly coordinated fixtures, fittings and gadgets.
Don't look inside!But what about when you open a cupboard door or drawer? Are they overcrowded and cluttered? Do you have trouble finding the utensil you need or perhaps have to move around a whole cupboard just to reach the blender? All the while, those hard to reach corners remain empty and unused!
Clever storageWhether you have a compact gallery or large family kitchen, all to often not enough thought is given to storage design. However, with just a few carefully selected wireframe units, you can transform the insides of your cupboards and have everything in its own desi…

How to Utilise Kitchen Cupboard Space

We supply kitchen fittings to a huge number of kitchen designers, fitters and manufacturers nationwide. There is one thing they all have in common - how best to utilise kitchen space. Whether the kitchen is for a small area or large, every cupboard matters and every inch of space needs to be maximised.
Introducing Our New Wire-frame RangeKitchens are the heart and soul of any home, quite often a hive of activity and houses many appliances, so ensuring that every cupboard has a purpose is essential. To help with this important part of kitchen planning, we are delighted to launch our new range of wire-frame units, which can give your kitchens that added innovation you need to impress your customers.

Here is an overview of our new range, click on the links for more information, the options available and measurements:
Swing Out Pantry UnitsThese swing out pantry units pull out when the door is opened allowing easy access to the frame behind. The baskets can be affixed in numerous positions. P…

The Best Locks for Pool Areas

One of the biggest sellers from our huge range of locks, is no doubt the Lehmann keyless locking systems. These systems are being utilised in a large range of facilities, including educational, sports, office and transport hubs. However, as much as these systems are popular, they do not suit every application. The main one of these being swimming pool and spa areas.
Locks Suitable for Damp ConditionsThe alternative is a moisture resistant coin lock system which can withstand the damp and humid conditions of these swimming pool and spa changing room areas.

The lock we would recommend for these lock perishing conditions, is the Lehmann Coin Lock 70 Spa. Lehmann manufacture a lock specifically designed to cater for swimming pool lockers.

The Coin Lock 70 Spa The Lehmann Coin Lock 70 Spa is a lock system which is ideal for swimming pools and spas because the cylinder and cam are made of fibreglass strengthened polyamide. The systems include:
interchangeable cylinders with up to 700 available n…

Soft Close Drawer Boxes

If you are a kitchen fitter or looking to have a new kitchen fitted, then you will likely be considering using soft close drawer boxes for this project. As a leading supplier of furniture fittings, our soft close drawer boxes are very popular and we wanted to share more information about the systems that are available and how to fit them.
What are soft close drawer boxes?Also known as soft close drawer runners or slides, this feature stops drawers from slamming by gently pulling the drawer closed. This pulling motion is where the term 'soft close' comes from.
What are the benefits of soft close drawer systems?Soft close drawer slides help minimise any slamming noise from the drawer. With the drawer soft closing, this can also preserve the life of the drawer and protects the finish of the cabinetry. The soft closing feature also means that the drawer will always be neatly closed rather than left partially open.
Other considerationsSoft closing drawer boxes are more expensive to in…

How to use a Lehmann Dial Lock 58

In our latest blogs we have highlighted the virtues of MLM Lehmann dial locks for the ultimate keyless locking system. These high quality locks can be used for lockers, doors and drawers and in a recent blog we provide 5 advantages for choosing keyless locking systems, you can read this blog here.

We have also previously highlighted, in detail, the benefits of choosing Lehmann keyless locks in particular, you can read our blog here.
In this blog we want to look at how the Lehmann Dial Lock 58 works and also what you need to do in case an emergency opening is required.
The ultimate keyless securityThese code locks can be used on hinged, tambour or sliding doors, as well as pedestals with drawers so they provide keyless security for all applications. These locks provide:
Four digit dials for high securityIntegrated scramble feature which automatically resets the dials during opening and closingCode find function from the front of the lock using Master KeyEmergency opening featureAll you nee…

Why are Lehmann dial locks the perfect solution?

In our last blog we looked at the advantages of having keyless locking systems in your transport hub, gym or workplace. You can read this blog by clicking here.

Today we wanted to look at Lehmann dial locks specifically. We are the UK distributor for MLM Lehmann and their code locks are by far the most popular we supply to our trade customers. So why are Lehmann dial locks are so popular?
About MLM LehmannSince the company was founded in 1962, Lehmann have always been innovative and focussed on high quality locking systems to provide superior security. Lehmann remain a family owned and managed company, with a dynamic development team ensuring that their range of customised locking solutions are reliable and of the highest quality.

Lehmann offers a broad range of locking solutions, no matter where you require security, in an office or workplace, transport hub, gym or other public areas where lockers are required.
Why Lehmann locks for a keyless solution?Lehmann are a leading manufacturer w…