5 advantages of having keyless locking systems

Most of us will have come across the traditional locker system be it at school, our place of work or the gym. These important metal boxes keep our belongings safe while we go about our business. You will also have had to decide where to keep the key to the locker...

Of course, a lot of lockers have a key built into a wrist band. Most of us will try and wrap it around our wrists while trying to stop the key from turning around and digging in our arm. As we move around the wrist band can start to feel loose and become irritating. Others will try and keep the key safe in their bag or pocket and hope we remember where we put it when we need it!
Installing new lockers?So, for the comfort of your guests, customers and travellers, perhaps those companies looking to install new lockers in such places as locker rooms, workplaces, schools and transport hubs, might want to consider the keyless locking system alternative.

Unico components are specialists in supplying furniture fittings and work with…

Ingenious Mechanical Devices - The Dial Lock

Did you know the dial lock has been around since, well - forever!? There are surviving examples dating as far back as the ancient Roman times when dial locks were used to protect the valuables of the dead from grave robbers. And they proved a very good deterrent to thieves even back then. 

We find the first written information on dial locks in 1206, in the wonderfully named The Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices by the engineer Al Jazari. Very much later, the dial lock gets to be patented in the U.S around the beginning of the 20th century by Joseph Loch. The aptly named Loch had been supplying locks for the world famous jeweller Tiffany, who were looking for ways to increase security and protect their precious gems. These locks also went by the name of the tumbler lock and combination lock, because the lock obviously needs a combination of numbers to open.
Modern locks vs traditional locks Nowadays we have also advanced on to electronic and digital locks which have some …

Sliding Doors

Of course, we are referring to 'sliding doors' as in room dividers, not the film!
In the past room dividers were flimsy, often tacky looking, but now the grown up version is modern, stylish, practical and bang on trend.
Sliding door room dividers can come in a variety of styles and finishes, from simple minimalistic to chic glass, or a more rustic feel utilising reclaimed barn doors or wood. It can be an interior designer’s dream no less!
The sliding door room divider has become the contemporary, budget friendly and easy to install item to completely update and transform a room. We are starting to see them now in a diverse range of places such as student accommodation, hotel rooms, homes and offices.
One of the main benefits of the sliding door room divider is being able to temporarily create a multi purpose room when needed, and change it back easily when not. Either in order to hide clutter, but also equally important, is being able to simply just switch off from work and close …

If Glass Is Your Passion…

Applications of our Passion Glass Range
If you are planning to upgrade your kitchen or make a display case or showcase, then you will find fixtures and fittings from the Passion Glass Range particularly useful. There are of course plenty of possible applications at work and in the home where glass doors provide a desirable feature, such as: In schools and other institutions they are used for trophy displays and other collections.Keep medicines easy to view but safely locked away.Restaurants can display a range of spirits and fine wines while keeping them securely looked in a showcase or cabinet. Avoids accidents and controls substances.Museum displays and other showcases - look but don’t touch!Kitchen cabinets and home displays
Why choose the Passion Glass Range?The beauty of this particular range is that no drilling is required. The glass just slots in and then simply tighten up with the grub screw provided. The complete range is available in one design with different style options. Fro…

Clever Bedroom Storage

Are you are looking at starting a home DIY project to better utilise the space in your bedroom? Maybe space is not the main issue, but you just want to organise better. Or are you a tradesman working on a project such as building wardrobe space for student accommodation, where space is compact? 

Consider incorporating these genius wardrobe fittings while being able to utilise and organise every inch of available space. Maximise a wardrobe with bespoke design and create that feeling of order and organisation which brings calm to a bedroom, our place of rest and relaxation. Pull out storage solutionsPull down wardrobe railOne of our top selling items in the wardrobe fittings range, which utilises a higher space where normally hanging clothes wouldn't be practical. Pull the rail towards you with the pole for this impressive storage solution. Provides easy access to space which could not normally be considered. A good quality product supplied from leading manufacturers in different widt…

Lock It Away

A new type of burglar exists these days who is not interested in taking bulky items such as televisions or even phones and tablets. These items can so easily be tracked with an App, so make sure you install one! 

Indeed, intruders these days are more often after our personal data. Sadly, quite frequently this type of theft comes from someone who has a legitimate reason to be on our property in the first place, so keeping passports and other identification documents safely locked away is one of the best deterrents.
Catch me if you canFrank Abagnale, who is now a security consultant but infamously known for his career as a con man and forger said “People need to be more aware and educated about identity theft. You need to be a little bit wiser, a little bit smarter and there's nothing wrong with being sceptical. We live in a time when, if you make it easy for someone to steal from you, someone will.”
While we are not supposed to write down passwords, how many of us actually do? Bank an…

The KEY To Success

As tradesmen (cabinet makers, carpenters and furniture designers) we look for products that match our level of expertise. The accessories we use in our production must match the high standards we expect from ourselves and provide to our clients. Producing furniture that will keep family, employees and belongings safe under lock and key is no mean feat. It is comforting to know then,by purchasing locks from, and putting trust in the Martin Lehmann name, superior security can be achieved.
Customers as partners,say Lehmann As a family run company, the Lehmann brand has become a market leader in Europe. Lehmann locks are produced in Germany and like many German brands you can be assured of the highest quality. From the country that gave us Audi, Adidas and Braun, it goes without saying, quality as well as customer satisfaction are a high priority. You may already be familiar with the Huwil lock range and interestingly, Huwil was incorporated into the Lehmann business in 2009. The company pa…