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Flexible Office Furniture

As staff return to work from furlough there will be some changes in the office. Notably the office furniture and it’s layout. Office furniture fitters, cabinet makers and carpenters have a lot of work on their hands, to meet the standards of our new normal and ensure we are all safe, and compliant with social distancing rules within the workplace. As we can’t predict how long social distancing measures are likely to be necessary, it is certain that employers will want office furniture that offers a variety of layout solutions and give the most flexibility.   Unico for Furniture Fittings At Unico we stock a huge number of office furniture fittings for the domestic and trade markets. We are also proud to be a leading furniture parts supplier to many leading furniture manufacturers from around the world. 7 Essential Desk Fittings We have put together a list of 7 essential items for desk fittings for office furniture and work spaces. These might include reception area furniture, meeti