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Guide to Buying Hinges

At Unico , our staff are always happy to advise customers and ensure they have the right furniture fixtures and fittings for their needs. One question we are often asked is “How do I choose the right hinge?”. Choosing the right hinge for kitchen cabinets or wardrobe doors is crucial and we can help you make the right selection from our range. What are the different types of hinges? With different function and use, choose from a wide array of styles, designs, and types such as: butt hinges cranked hinges cylinder hinges spring hinges flap hinges flush hinges piano hinges lay on hinges lift off hinges pivot hinges self-closing hinges  We are confident we have the right hinge for you so let’s look at some of our hinges in a little more detail: Overlay hinges Fitted to doors where the door lays onto the frame of the carcass. Full overlay hinges Overlay the width of the carcass side. Half overlay hinges Overlay up to half the width of the carcass side. Inset hinges Allow the door to close w