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Guide to Buying Drawer Runners and Slides

It is pretty satisfying when a drawer fits perfectly and runs smoothly! To help our customers make the best purchase we have put together a guide for buying drawer runners and slides. Unico  are a specialist supplier of slides and runners , and our staff are only a phone call away if you need further information or advice. Single extension, full extension and over extension drawer slides Full-extension drawer slides are suitable when we want the drawer box to extend, so the back of the drawer is level with the front of the cabinet. Whereas, when using single extension drawer slides a part of the drawer, approximately one quarter, will remain inside the cabinet. For the drawer box to travel completely out of the cabinet we use over extension drawer slides, and these are useful in being able to easily reach right to the back of the drawer. Side fix and bottom fix drawer slides We have the option of fitting drawer slides either to the bottom of the drawer for a concealed fit, or