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If Glass Is Your Passion…

Applications of our Passion Glass Range If you are planning to upgrade your kitchen or make a display case or showcase, then you will find fixtures and fittings from the Passion Glass Range particularly useful. There are of course plenty of possible applications at work and in the home where glass doors provide a desirable feature, such as: In schools and other institutions they are used for trophy displays and other collections. Keep medicines easy to view but safely locked away. Restaurants can display a range of spirits and fine wines while keeping them securely looked in a showcase or cabinet. Avoids accidents and controls substances. Museum displays and other showcases - look but don’t touch! Kitchen cabinets and home displays Why choose the Passion Glass Range? The beauty of this particular range is that no drilling is required. The glass just slots in and then simply tighten up with the grub screw provided. The complete range is available in one design wi