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10 Features of Espagnolette Locks

Espagnolette locks are the ideal solution for tall wardrobes or cupboards as they offer the option of three-point locking - top, bottom, and the lock bolt itself. The simplicity of their design means that when the lock is turned, it rotates a bar (above and below the lock) which in turn rotates a locking hook. The hook locates around a striker and prevents the door from being opened. There are many advantages to Espagnolette locks , here we highlight the 10 best features.. 1. Enhanced security Espagnolette locks provide robust security by engaging multiple points along the door frame where a standard lock would be less effective. The mechanism typically ensures a secure closure and makes it more challenging for unauthorised access. 2. Smooth operation Our espagnolette locks allow for a smooth and reliable operation. The rotational locking mechanism ensures that the locking hooks engage seamlessly, providing a satisfying locking experience. 3. Three point locking system One of the sta