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How to use a Lehmann Dial Lock 58

In our latest blogs we have highlighted the virtues of MLM Lehmann dial locks for the ultimate keyless locking system. These high quality locks can be used for lockers, doors and drawers and in a recent blog we provide 5 advantages for choosing keyless locking systems, you can read this blog here. We have also previously highlighted, in detail, the benefits of choosing Lehmann keyless locks in particular, you can read our blog here. In this blog we want to look at how the Lehmann Dial Lock 58 works and also what you need to do in case an emergency opening is required. The ultimate keyless security These code locks can be used on hinged, tambour or sliding doors, as well as pedestals with drawers so they provide keyless security for all applications. These locks provide: Four digit dials for high security Integrated scramble feature which automatically resets the dials during opening and closing Code find function from the front of the lock using Master Key Emergency

Why are Lehmann dial locks the perfect solution?

5 Advantages to Keyless Lockers In our last blog we looked at the advantages of having keyless locking systems in your transport hub, gym or workplace. You can read this blog by clicking here . Today we wanted to look at Lehmann dial locks specifically. We are the UK distributor for MLM Lehmann and their code locks are by far the most popular we supply to our trade customers. So why are Lehmann dial locks are so popular? About MLM Lehmann Since the company was founded in 1962, Lehmann have always been innovative and focussed on high quality locking systems to provide superior security. Lehmann remain a family owned and managed company, with a dynamic development team ensuring that their range of customised locking solutions are reliable and of the highest quality. Lehmann offers a broad range of locking solutions, no matter where you require security, in an office or workplace, transport hub, gym or other public areas where lockers are required. Why Lehmann locks for a key