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Small Change Solutions - Coin Locks

We know our customers from both the trade and retail sectors have high expectations which is why we supply high quality locks from reputable brands like Lehmann. We know that whatever the application, Lehmann has the perfect locking system. One product we can’t rave about enough is the Lehmann COIN LOCK 70 used mainly in lockers.  Why is this locking system rated so highly? It comes in 2 forms: the basic lock (trust us when we say that Lehmann locks are anything but basic) and a version with the same features but suitable for use in wet areas. Both of these coin locks from Lehmann mean we can safeguard our valuables whenever security is required for the home, office and workplace or travelling. What are the advantages of these types of coin locks? Advantages of the COIN LOCK 70 Basic : Great for applications with heavy use Helps prevent permanent occupancy Self explanatory for users Eliminates the need to hand out keys Reduces the number of lost keys The casing and front are made of