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Espagnolette Locks

What to do if your replacement espagnolette lock has gone out of production Espagnolette locks are a catch! These locks are easier to fit than to pronounce or spell! The meaning of espagnolette is literally “a catch”. The mechanism uses long rods or bars the length of the door, to secure the top and bottom of the cabinet as well as the option of securing the middle. Operating the handle or lock rotates the rods employing the catches, in turn securely closing the cupboard or door. Replacement espagnolette locks It can be a relatively common occurrence that when replacing an espagnolette lock, you find that the fitting has been updated by the manufacturer or discontinued altogether. If you are replacing an espagnolette lock but are struggling to find your particular lock, then contact us to find a suitable alternative . Remove the lock and note the measurements written on the lock or measure all the parts so we can suggest an alternative from our range. For example, espagnolette locks m