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Soft Close Side Fix Drawer Runners

Soft close drawer runners mean quality cabinetry with longevity... This type of soft close drawer is in high demand with consumers these days because it has become one of the hallmarks of high quality in cabinetry.  If you are fitting a new wardrobe system, bedroom storage or office furniture, you want to be sure it includes soft close drawers. But w hat are they exactly and what are the main benefits?  Soft close drawers are a premium feature allowing drawers to close silently and smoothly. Just before it is completely shut, the soft close mechanism of the drawer takes over, and gently pulls the drawer closed the rest of the way. What are the advantages of a soft close drawer? Drawers with soft close cannot be slammed shut, ensuring they close gently and silently every time. A soft close drawer is safer because fingers cannot get accidentally crushed in the closing drawer. Drawers with soft close tend to last longer, because the mechanism endures less stress. Drawers that are self cl