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5 advantages of having keyless locking systems

Most of us will have come across the traditional locker system be it at school, our place of work or the gym. These important metal boxes keep our belongings safe while we go about our business. You will also have had to decide where to keep the key to the locker... Of course, a lot of lockers have a key built into a wrist band. Most of us will try and wrap it around our wrists while trying to stop the key from turning around and digging in our arm. As we move around the wrist band can start to feel loose and become irritating. Others will try and keep the key safe in their bag or pocket and hope we remember where we put it when we need it! Installing new lockers? So, for the comfort of your guests, customers and travellers, perhaps those companies looking to install new lockers in such places as locker rooms, workplaces, schools and transport hubs, might want to consider the keyless locking system alternative. Unico components are specialists in supplying furniture fittings a