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Innovative Electronic Locks

We already recognise the security and reliability offered by traditional Lehmann locks, however there are quite a few appealing features that come with their newer electronic locks as well. If you own a business, now could be a good time to make improvements and to upgrade your lockers and drawers with this new technology. Lehmann E Solutions Offer Keyless Comfort Electronic locks are a battery powered alternative to standard key entry locks.  The various sensor options that are available include: FingerprintScanner Perhaps the most futuristic of all the electronic locks, whereby a scanner provides unique recognition for up to 50 fingerprints per lock. It is easy to use as a stand alone application and comes with a m aster code or emergency opening code . Code setting and modification do not require additional accessories . Includes a useful o ptical indicator and battery warning on the keypad. Keypad Available for use by an unlimited number of different users requiring