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Value for Our Customers

With the current economic climate, we are all searching for ways to get more for less but how important is price when compared to customer service? At Unico  we are confident about offering our customers the best value when it comes to purchasing furniture fixtures and fittings. Besides the actual cost, we offer added benefits such as our 5-star rated customer service and the high quality of our products. Quality products mean longevity Not having to replace furniture fixtures and fittings due to wear and tear saves both time and money. Take soft close drawer slides for example, which are designed to reduce stress and wear and tear compared to standard drawer slides, and will give better performance and smooth travel for longer. We also specialise in good quality locks such as Lehmann locks which are manufactured to a high standard in Germany. Save money in the long run by purchasing good quality dial locks and cylinder locks. Putting our customers first Offering the right advice an