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Locks for Wet Areas

Locks for spas, gyms, and wet areas Almost all leisure facilities provide lockers for customers and staff to store their personal possessions. And, as the items to be safeguarded increase in value, for example smart phones, laptops and tablets alongside credit cards and jewellery, we realise the need to increase security requirements accordingly. At Unico we supply high quality locks, suitable for damp conditions, to meet the demands of our customers. Our coin locks are an excellent choice, and here are the reasons why. Suitable for shower areas and swimming pool changing rooms The Lehmann Coin Lock 70 Spa is specifically designed for use in a damp environment. It won’t deteriorate leaving you with expensive replacement costs. Eliminates the need to hand out keys This reduces staff administration time that could be better spent elsewhere. Free up staff for more important jobs. Reduces the number of lost and retained keys The Lehmann Coin Lock 70 Spa comes with 2 keys supplied but cl