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Lock It Away

A new type of burglar exists these days who is not interested in taking bulky items such as televisions or even phones and tablets. These items can so easily be tracked with an App, so make sure you install one!  Indeed, intruders these days are more often after our personal data. Sadly, quite frequently this type of theft comes from someone who has a legitimate reason to be on our property in the first place, so keeping passports and other identification documents safely locked away is one of the best deterrents.   Catch me if you can Frank Abagnale, who is now a security consultant but infamously known for his career as a con man and forger said “ People need to be more aware and educated about identity theft. You need to be a little bit wiser, a little bit smarter and there's nothing wrong with being sceptical. We live in a time when, if you make it easy for someone to steal from you, someone will. ” While we are not supposed to write down passwords, how many of us a

The KEY To Success

As tradesmen (cabinet makers, carpenters and furniture designers) we look for products that match our level of expertise. The accessories we use in our production must match the high standards we expect from ourselves and provide to our clients. Producing furniture that will keep family, employees and belongings safe under lock and key is no mean feat. It is comforting to know then,   by purchasing locks from, and putting trust in the Martin Lehmann name, superior security can be achieved. Customers as partners,   say Lehmann As a family run company, the Lehmann brand has become a market leader in Europe. Lehmann locks are produced in Germany and like many German brands you can be assured of the highest quality. From the country that gave us Audi, Adidas and Braun, it goes without saying, quality as well as customer satisfaction are a high priority. You may already be familiar with the Huwil lock range and interestingly, Huwil was incorporated into the Lehmann business in 2009