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The Home Office

At the beginning of the pandemic working from home seemed an inviting novelty in some ways. I could stay in my pyjamas all day, snack constantly from the fridge and do a bit of gardening during my lunch break. That novelty soon wore off after the back pain set in from trying to work on my laptop while sitting on the sofa. When moving to the breakfast bar was no better, I realised I needed a dedicated work from home space; where my feet could touch the floor, I could have all my documents close to hand and not be constantly tripping over cables. Invest in remote working We all can see that working from home now looks more like a long term scenario for many staff who were previously office based. It has the benefit of saving money and time not having to endure a tiresome commute. Staff are more productive and apparently, work longer hours on average when working from home. It seems to make sense then, to invest in a dedicated work from home space right now. Deciding how to configure