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Furniture Manufacturing Update

Despite the challenges of the last year, the furniture manufacturing industry never ceases to amaze in its ability to adapt, while also continuing to make a significant contribution to the nation’s economy. We looked at some of the recent changes we particularly have observed, as a supplier of fixtures and fittings to the furniture manufacturing industry. Home Working Home working has increased the need for home office furniture as the WFH (Work From Home) movement takes a strong hold on the workforce. People are willing to invest in WFH spaces seeing this transition as a permanent one. Not just a decent ergonomic chair, but dedicated workspaces rather than utilising the kitchen table or breakfast bar as a desk. More People are Renting As it becomes increasingly difficult for younger people to get onto the property ladder, the option of renting also offers lower commitment and the freedom to relocate with less headache. The challenge for the furniture industry is to supply lower