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Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Out of Sight, Out of Mind – Pull Out Waste Bins Gimmicks and gadgets don’t sell a kitchen, but well-planned, practical, and functional space does. When designing a new kitchen layout, carrying out a remodel or upgrade, resolve the problem of hiding any unsightly rubbish bin and incorporate a clever pull out waste bin instead.   Supplied to order, directly from a leading manufacturer, our pull out waste bins are available with prompt delivery. We offer 3 different pull out waste bins which make a great addition to any kitchen. Uses vary from kitchen waste, sorting recyclable materials or practical storage of other essential kitchen items. Main features of Envi 400mm Pull Out Waste Bin • A set of soft closing side fixed drawer runners and drawer front connectors. • Suitable for either 16mm or 18/19mm board thickness . • The bins can be withdrawn from the unit while the lid remains in place. Main features of Pull Out Hinged Waste Bins 2 x32 Litres • Two large 32 litre capacity bin