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Multi Use Extendable Tables

Extendable Table Design and Manufacture An extendable dining table is exactly what it sounds like ; it has extensions that can be insert ed into the table to increase the size of the table to accommodate dinner parties and special occasions . Mostly,  all you have to do is pull open the table top from each end, lay the leaf, or leaves, into the opening and push the table top closed again . At Unico we offer a range of fittings for making either beautifully crafted custom made   tables as well as supplying furniture manufacturers with the fittings for producing tables on a large scale. Extendable tables for the home or at work Extend ing dining tables are commonly used to maximise   kitchen and dining room space but we   also see many versions of   extendable tables being used to utilise space in an office, conference room or educational facility, for example. They can provide a versatile seating arrangement to host meetings and parties and adapt to different needs, based