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Soft Close Drawer Slides - The 10 Best Things

The 10 Best Things About Soft Close Drawer Slides When it comes to supplying furniture fixtures and fittings, Unico will go the extra mile to make sure their customers have exactly what they need. One of our most popular and best-selling items this year has to be soft close drawer slides . And there are plenty of reasons why they are a top choice, we have put together just 10 of the advantages and benefits you can enjoy from these drawer slides. 1. Last longer As there is generally less stress and wear on the mechanism compared to standard drawer slides, expect to enjoy better performance and smooth travel for longer. 2. Safer Soft close drawers can’t be slammed making it harder for fingers to get caught in the closing drawer. Just before it is completely shut, the soft close mechanism of the drawer takes over and very gently pulls the drawer closed the rest of the way. 3. Luxury finish Drawers with soft close offer a premium feel and allude to high end with a luxury quality. 4. Satisf