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Serious About Security

Unico Components Ltd are a leading supplier of Lehmann locks in the UK, and we consider ourselves as being the home of the dial lock particularly.  So what is so special about Lehmann dial locks and what makes them so popular at the moment?  Lehmann is a brand that many trust and it comes as no surprise that the main elements of design, functionality, and security rate so highly. Design Simply put, Lehmann dial locks just look great! The style is contemporary with a modern sleek appearance. Usually supplied in black but with other colours available subject to a minimum quantity order. Dial locks have been designed for use with various materials and different thicknesses making them highly versatile. We particularly like how the knob also acts as a handle and there is a visual indication when locked. Functionality Consumers demand high functionality and Lehmann, as a company, are very keen to be in tune with the requirements of their customers. Left and right-handed models are availabl