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New Product Alert

Soft Close and Push to Open Drawer Runners Of course we get excited about all our product launches, but this is a first! We have not previously supplied a runner with the two functions of soft close and push to open combined.  These runners conveniently accommodate the trend for drawers without handles which alludes to modern minimalist style along with the luxury and quality of the fitting itself: providing simplicity and style with functionality. Where can we use them? These side fix runners are normally used in a bedroom or living room. There is no reason they can’t be utilised in kitchen drawers as well. The big appeal is preventing banging when closing, and the soft glide mechanism is a pure delight.   Noise is reduced as drawers close silently and gently every time and can never be slammed shut. All that is needed is a gentle touch which engages the mechanism that fully closes or opens the drawer. Replacement, upgrade and new design These side mounted drawer runners are t