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The Best Locks for Pool Areas

One of the biggest sellers from our huge range of locks, is no doubt the Lehmann keyless locking systems. These systems are being utilised in a large range of facilities, including educational, sports, office and transport hubs. However, as much as these systems are popular, they do not suit every application. The main one of these being swimming pool and spa areas. Locks Suitable for Damp Conditions The alternative is a moisture resistant coin lock system which can withstand the damp and humid conditions of these swimming pool and spa changing room areas. The lock we would recommend for these lock perishing conditions, is the Lehmann Coin Lock 70 Spa . Lehmann manufacture a lock specifically designed to cater for swimming pool lockers. The Coin Lock 70 Spa The Lehmann Coin Lock 70 Spa  is a lock system which is ideal for swimming pools and spas because t he cylinder and cam are made of fibreglass strengthened polyamide. The systems include: interchangeable cylinders wit