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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Coin Locks

At Unico we are well known for selling great quality locks for various applications. Our coin locks for lockers range is one of our most popular. Let’s look at the 10 best reasons they remain in such demand: 1. Eliminate the need to hand out keys This saves valuable administration time which can be better spent elsewhere. 2. Suitable for wet areas The Lehman Coin Lock 70 Wet Area has been designed for use in damp environments and so is ideal for spas, pool changing rooms and shower areas. 3. And dry areas Coin locks actually have any number of applications including schools, healthcare facilities, stadiums and arenas, concert and festival venues, amusement parks, corporate and industrial facilities to name but a few. 4. Reduces the number of lost and retained keys  You’ll see an increase on returned keys which saves money and time on your part as you no longer have the hassle and expense of replacing keys. 5. Highly durable for public and commercial applications  These locks are buil