Guide to Buying Hinges

Guide to Buying Hinges

At Unico, our staff are always happy to advise customers and ensure they have the right furniture fixtures and fittings for their needs. One question we are often asked is “How do I choose the right hinge?”. Choosing the right hinge for kitchen cabinets or wardrobe doors is crucial and we can help you make the right selection from our range.

What are the different types of hinges?

With different function and use, choose from a wide array of styles, designs, and types such as:
We are confident we have the right hinge for you so let’s look at some of our hinges in a little more detail:

Overlay hinges

Fitted to doors where the door lays onto the frame of the carcass.

Full overlay hinges

Overlay the width of the carcass side.

Half overlay hinges

Overlay up to half the width of the carcass side.

Inset hinges

Allow the door to close within the frame of the carcass.

Slide on/screw on hinges

Require a screw to secure the hinge arm to the hinge plate

Clip on hinges

Click into place when locating the hinge arm onto the hinge plate.

Pick the right hinge to compliment and complete your project

Whether you are building cabinets from new or fitting a replacement hinge, just a few simple pointers will help you in choosing the right hinge. Take the time to consider function and accessibility, whether heavy duty or light use and record the length, width and thickness of the material, door or lid. Taller doors, cupboards and lids require more hinges to cover the area.

How many hinges will I need?

A cabinet door which is 1.5 metres tall will benefit from 3 hinges whereas a door 2 metres tall will need 4. Use the guide below to help assess the number of hinges you will need, based on height.

How many hinges per door?

Cost should never be the main factor when considering which hinges to use for special purposes. You can be sure that a lower initial cost will end up costing more in maintenance, repairs, or replacement further down the line when it comes to hinges.

Where can I buy hinges?

Did you know we also offer accounts to tradespeople? Whether a small or bulk order we offer a friendly and efficient service. Our hinges are supplied directly from the manufacturer, market leaders such as Titus, Siso and Hettich.

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