Guide to Buying Drawer Runners and Slides

It is pretty satisfying when a drawer fits perfectly and runs smoothly! To help our customers make the best purchase we have put together a guide for buying drawer runners and slides. Unico are a specialist supplier of slides and runners, and our staff are only a phone call away if you need further information or advice.

Single extension, full extension and over extension drawer slides

Full-extension drawer slides are suitable when we want the drawer box to extend, so the back of the drawer is level with the front of the cabinet. Whereas, when using single extension drawer slides a part of the drawer, approximately one quarter, will remain inside the cabinet. For the drawer box to travel completely out of the cabinet we use over extension drawer slides, and these are useful in being able to easily reach right to the back of the drawer.

Side fix and bottom fix drawer slides

We have the option of fitting drawer slides either to the bottom of the drawer for a concealed fit, or to the sides. Bottom fix drawer slides may offer a slightly bigger area inside the box, but the height of the drawer will be reduced to accommodate the amount of clearance needed beneath the drawer.

Groove mounted runners

Grove mounted runners
These runners require a groove to be milled in the side panel of the cabinet and are then recessed into the groove. They are an ideal replacement for drawer runners that have been damaged, usually due to excess weight in the drawer.

Guide rail runners

These come in a variety of sizes and are made from plastic. Guide rail runners fix onto the carcass of the cabinet or furniture. These are the simplest and least expensive runners.

Nylon roller runners

These runners incorporate a nylon wheel which enables smooth running. Comes as a four-piece item so 2 pieces positioned at the front sides of the carcass and 2 pieces on the rear sides of the drawer. Can be used for any type of drawer but commonly found in kitchens for a lightweight drawer. These are often used as replacements for IKEA or Argos furniture, for example.

Drawer runner motion features

Soft close drawer runners

The main function of soft close drawer slides is to reduce noise but has the added benefit of reducing wear and tear, meaning the mechanism lasts longer. It also gives the feeling of luxury and high end to furniture and cabinets. Soft close drawer slides are available as both bottom fix and side fix drawer slides.

Push to open drawer runner

Push to open drawer runners accommodate the minimalist trend for drawers without handles. Again expect a longer lasting mechanism and the effect of quality with a modern look.

Soft close and push to open

Soft close and push to open drawer runners

Why choose when it comes to quality? Combine both features with our new soft close and push to open drawer runners. Available as side fix runners.

Weight considerations

Standard metal drawer slides support enough weight for everyday use in the kitchen for example, but heavy-duty slides are an option when the drawer capacity is expected to exceed 30-35kg.

Sold in pairs

All drawer runners are sold as pairs or in the case of the plastic runners, packs of 10. To see our full range of drawers slides and runners, visit our website.

Direct from the manufacturer

We are a UK distributor for many brands, meaning our products are supplied directly from the manufacturer. You can be assured of both value for money and quality when you buy from Unico.

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