Smart Kitchen Fixtures and Fittings

There is more to kitchens than worktops and tiles. That is why Unico supply a range of innovative kitchen fixtures and fittings to designers and kitchen fitters, to achieve beautiful kitchens that are up to date and functional. 

Creative storage solutions continue to be very popular. Around two thirds of homeowners renovating their kitchens, will be planning to include specialty kitchen storage in their new cabinetry.

Ramping up kitchen storage

Vertical Storage
A good way to achieve more storage in a small kitchen is to think vertically. Create storage high up while making items easy to access using our pull-down shelf unit. This comes as a 2-tier chrome plated wire shelf which can be pulled forward allowing full access to the contents.

Utilise Corner Space
Make use of hard to access space with pull-out corner units to utilise all available space and allow items to be easily accessible – no more crouching, bending, or crawling into the cupboard to reach items.

Smart kitchen storage

It is not just small kitchens that want to include enhanced storage space. The best kitchens will enable the users to be organised by integrating smart kitchen storage ideas. Clever storage is essential for keeping kitchen clutter at bay and hiding appliances that will inevitably end up on your countertop and so, occupying space. For ideas on ways to be more organised and reduce clutter, take a look at our pull-out larder units and pull-out wire baskets.

Smart Kitchen Storage
Efficient, practical, and affordable

We work with companies both large and small who design and fit kitchens. Our quality kitchen storage items come direct from the manufacturer, and offer excellent value for money. We have over 40 years’ experience in supplying functional and practical kitchen storage. We consider ourselves experts in kitchen fixtures and fittings and are happy to give advice on getting the kitchen fittings that are right for you and your customers. Call us on 01483237621 or drop a line to

Kitchen storage solutions

We also stock other products to create custom kitchen storage solutions which include lift and fold cabinet stays, carousel corner units, swing out pantry units and pull-out waste bins. 

See our full range online by clicking here.

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