We Supply the Trade

Our customers span a range of different industries and come in all shapes and sizes with varying expectations. Tony Killick, our General Manager, spoke to us about supplying the trade with furniture fixtures and fittings in our Q&A below.

Which types of tradespeople and industries do Unico generally work with?

"We supply multiple trade manufacturers and individuals across differing sectors including kitchen manufacturers, kitchen fitters, furniture designers, carpenters, bedroom fitters, office furniture manufacturers and locker furniture."

Do Unico supply internationally?

"Although we do sometimes supply overseas, the majority of our business is currently UK based customers."

What are Unico especially well known for and what are your best-selling products with regards to trade customers?

"Our strongest range is locks for furniture and lockers, for example code locks, cam locks, cylinder locks and much more. We actually have a vast product range, so locks are by no means the only items that sell well. We are also well known for supplying drawer runners and door slides, cable grommets, stays, hinges and almost every type of furniture fixture or fitting."

How often do Unico launch new products?

"New products are fairly limited in the industry, additions to the range are normally driven by new customer requirements where we don’t sell a specific item from stock. We have an extensive range of suppliers that we deal with and are more than happy to try to source products for customers if we don’t currently supply it."

How do new trade customers find you?

"Trade customers generally find us via the website these days unico.uk.com, we do very little advertising other than online."

Which industries or trades would you like to work with more?

"More work with any industry is great! We would love to work with more locker manufacturers. We are certainly seeing an increase in the demand for locks for lockers, particularly locks for wet areas now that pools and spas have opened up again."

Can we help you to source furniture fixtures and fittings? 

Get in touch by calling 01483 237621 or drop a line to sales@unico.uk.com.

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