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Out of Sight, Out of Mind – Pull Out Waste Bins

Gimmicks and gadgets don’t sell a kitchen, but well-planned, practical, and functional space does. When designing a new kitchen layout, carrying out a remodel or upgrade, resolve the problem of hiding any unsightly rubbish bin and incorporate a clever pull out waste bin instead.  

Supplied to order, directly from a leading manufacturer, our pull out waste bins are available with prompt delivery. We offer 3 different pull out waste bins which make a great addition to any kitchen. Uses vary from kitchen waste, sorting recyclable materials or practical storage of other essential kitchen items.

ENVI Pull Out Bin
Main features of Envi 400mm Pull Out Waste Bin

A set of soft closing side fixed drawer runners and drawer front connectors.

Suitable for either 16mm or 18/19mm board thickness .

The bins can be withdrawn from the unit while the lid remains in place.

Main features of Pull Out Hinged Waste Bins 2 x32 Litres

Hinged Waste Bin
Two large 32 litre capacity bins each supplied with handles.

Ideal for waste separation; one can be used for general waste and the other for mixed recycling. 

Easy to install and fixings come included. 

The bin housing incorporates its own over extension runners and is secured to the cabinet floor.

Suitable for cabinets of minimum 400 mm width but can also be used in wider cabinets.

Tilting Waste Bin
Main features of Waste Bin Tilting 1x 30 Litres

Bin tilts forward by means of a genius spring mechanism when the door is opened.

The door can easily be adjusted using the keyhole fixings of the door brackets. 

Has finger grip handles enabling it to be easily lifted out to empty.

Pull out waste bins for recycling

These bins are ideal for organising recyclable materials and keeping a tidier kitchen. The different sizes and types mean you can create a solution to match your needs. Invest in an alternative to traditional rubbish bins with a pull out kitchen waste bin to make sustainability at home easy and convenient.

Where can I buy pull out waste bins?

Unico are a UK based supplier of pull out waste bins and you can view our range on our website by clicking here. A choice of widths are available so if you require advice or further information please get in touch with us via our online form or call us on 01483 237 621 to speak to one of our experienced team who will be happy to help.

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