5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Runners

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Runners
In our latest blog we offer 5 reasons why you should upgrade to our Soft Close and Push to Open Drawer Runners.

These side mounted drawer runners are ideal for use in manufacturing and bespoke furniture. They are also a perfect replacement to damaged runners or simply for upgrading drawers in a living room, bedroom, kitchen, office or under stairs. Here is why you should be upgrading drawers with our push to open and soft close drawer runners:

1. They last longer

These fittings last longer because the mechanism is under less stress, so they offer a great investment over the longer term.

2. They are quieter

The big appeal of these drawer runners is preventing banging when closing.  All that is needed is a gentle touch which engages the mechanism to fully close or open the drawer. This results in drawers closing in virtual silence and never being slammed shut.

3. They are on trend

Uber modern, minimalist style can be achieved using these runners for drawers without handles. They offer a seamless finish to any storage unit.

4. They communicate luxury and elegance

The smooth opening and closing with a gentle touch is ideal for bespoke, custom designed kitchens and bedrooms. They are one of the hallmarks of high-quality furniture that every kitchen fitter, bedroom fitter and cabinet maker will want to be offering.

5. They are versatile

These side runners can be utilised in most drawers, just select the correct length option. Highly versatile drawers with handle free access.Soft Close Drawer Runners


  • Material – steel and zinc
  • Max weight capacity 35kg
  • Release mechanism for easy fitting
  • Full extension
  • Require a building in width of approximately 12.7mm (+/- 0.3mm) either side 

Where to buy Soft Close and Push to Open Drawer Runners

We offer accounts to tradespeople and welcome bulk orders. For more information, click here to visit our website.

Or call and speak to one of our friendly, experienced advisors on 01483 237 621.

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