The Solution to Lost Keys

The Solution to Lost Keys

The Fixcode Dial Lock

Are you are having problems with lost keys? Whether keys are lost by staff or customers it can certainly cause a lot of headaches and use up valuable time unnecessarily, as well as being a huge security concern. Have you considered using a digital combination lock or dial lock? At Unico, we are a leading supplier for Lehmann dial locks and in our blog we advise on just some of the benefits, such as:

  • They can be retro fitted to existing lockers
  • They can be reset easily
  • Have a master key override in the event of emergency
  • Reduces key management
  • Gives peace of mind, providing a high level of security and reliability

If you are simply upgrading locks, then retro fitting dial locks couldn’t be easier. See the specifications on our website by clicking here.

The Fixcode Dial Lock
Dial locks allow different users to gain access to storage cupboards and lockers with one simple PIN. After setting the PIN code it will be used to gain access every time the lock is used until the PIN code is reset. The PIN can be reset whenever necessary, so you do not need to worry about the wrong people gaining access. In case of emergency, a master key allows access and the ability to reset the PIN again.

Save valuable time and administration cost with reduced key management. Not having to hand out keys means you can spend time focussed on other tasks. Dial locks offer convenience and peace of mind knowing you can control exactly who has access with a simple PIN code.

Dial locks for controlled access

Dial locks are ideal for use in facilities management industries, when several staff need to access a storeroom or cleaning cupboard for example. A medical facility can utilise dial locks to restrict access to medicines. Schools and offices will also benefit from dial locks to control access to stationary supplies. There are also a number of benefits within property management and shared accommodation.

Are you ready to go keyless with dial locks?

Why not speak to a member of our staff who can advise you on all aspects of dial locks. We also supply other combination locks for different purposes, for example lockers where the PIN can be reset after every use.

Where to Buy Dial Locks

At Unico we supply a range of dial locks to manufacturers across the UK. Please call to speak to one of our experienced and knowledgeable staff or feel free to email us

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