Locks for Wet Areas

Locks for Wet Areas
Locks for spas, gyms, and wet areas

Almost all leisure facilities provide lockers for customers and staff to store their personal possessions. And, as the items to be safeguarded increase in value, for example smart phones, laptops and tablets alongside credit cards and jewellery, we realise the need to increase security requirements accordingly.

At Unico we supply high quality locks, suitable for damp conditions, to meet the demands of our customers. Our coin locks are an excellent choice, and here are the reasons why.

Suitable for shower areas and swimming pool changing rooms

The Lehmann Coin Lock 70 Spa is specifically designed for use in a damp environment. It won’t deteriorate leaving you with expensive replacement costs.

Eliminates the need to hand out keys
Coin Locks

This reduces staff administration time that could be better spent elsewhere. Free up staff for more important jobs.

Reduces the number of lost and retained keys

The Lehmann Coin Lock 70 Spa comes with 2 keys supplied but clearly there is an incentive for keys to remain in the lockers after use. Consequently we see less keys lost or retained by users with this type of lock.

Highly durable for public and commercial applications

Designed and manufactured by Lehmann Brothers in Germany, these locks are made from high quality materials and are built to last.

Easy to use and, above all, secure

The Lehmann Coin Lock 70 Spa for lockers does the job, pure and simple. A convenient and practical solution to your locker needs which will give peace of mind.

Get the best lock for your lockers

Lehmann coin locks are the perfect choice for lockers for wet areas: hotel resorts, spas and wellness facilities, swimming pool lockers and gym changing rooms. Taking into account the number of times a locker is used and multiple users for any given day, choosing an effective locking system is essential.

Where to Buy Lehmann Coin Locks

Unico Components Ltd are a leading supplier for Lehmann Locks in the UK. If you are installing new lockers or simply upgrading existing lockers, please call to speak to one of our experienced and knowledgeable staff who can offer bespoke locker solutions to suit your particular requirements. Or feel free to email us sales@unico.uk.com.

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