Simple Practical Wardrobe Ideas

Simple Practical Wardrobe Ideas
Fitted wardrobes and bedroom storage space has to be high up on everyone’s priority when it comes to planning or designing a bedroom. Even if we are not working with a big room, it is still possible to create surprisingly efficient storage space. At Unico we supply many items for use in building perfect fitted wardrobes.

Consider incorporating some of the following items into your custom wardrobe designs:

Items for hanging

To help organise a wardrobe and especially if space is limited, we supply a range of pull-down and pull-out options for hanging clothes, including trousers, ties, and belts.

For shoes, bags and linens
Pull Out Trouser Hanger

Include pull-out storage for shoes to make the most of lower spaces. Add shelves above for storing bags and linens.

Cupboards and drawers

Keep items out of sight and give a room the appearance of being neat and tidy. For extra luxury and quality, consider soft close hinges for cupboards and soft close and push to open drawers. This kind of investment will ensure extended life, so a wardrobe can be enjoyed for years to come.

What are the main benefits of fitted wardrobes and cupboards?

Best use of space

As many new homes are being built with smaller rooms nowadays, we see a demand for clever storage ideas for small bedrooms. Even with the smallest of rooms it is possible to have practical bespoke fitted wardrobes. With well-designed, functional storage solutions, such as pull-down rails, we can enable easy access to stored items and get the most out of every available space.


Bespoke wardrobes are a good investment as potential house buyers place a premium on storage space, particularly where long lasting, durable, quality materials and furniture fittings have been used. Add value to a home with the installation of fitted wardrobes.

Wardrobes for awkward spaces
Pull Out Shoe Rack

Dream wardrobes can be built into any space where a standard size wardrobe or cupboard wouldn’t work: in an alcove, a loft space or under stairs. Store items without clutter, using bespoke, custom built wardrobes. 

Pleasing aesthetics

It is not just the convenience and practicality of inbuilt wardrobes. Embrace the possibilities of beautifully designed wardrobes by expert bedroom fitters and carpenters. Transform a room using our wardrobe fittings to build stylish and functional bedroom storage.

Where to Buy Wardrobe Fittings

At Unico we supply wardrobe fixtures and fittings to furniture manufacturers not just in the UK but all over the world. Visit our website to see products available to buy online or call to speak to one of our experienced and knowledgeable staff. Alternatively email your order or enquiry to

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