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Lehmann Dial Locks
Unico Components Ltd are a leading supplier of Lehmann locks in the UK, and we consider ourselves as being the home of the dial lock particularly. 
So what is so special about Lehmann dial locks and what makes them so popular at the moment? 
Lehmann is a brand that many trust and it comes as no surprise that the main elements of design, functionality, and security rate so highly.


Simply put, Lehmann dial locks just look great! The style is contemporary with a modern sleek appearance. Usually supplied in black but with other colours available subject to a minimum quantity order. Dial locks have been designed for use with various materials and different thicknesses making them highly versatile. We particularly like how the knob also acts as a handle and there is a visual indication when locked.


Consumers demand high functionality and Lehmann, as a company, are very keen to be in tune with the requirements of their customers. Left and right-handed models are available and so are horizontal and vertical fixing applications.
One feature that comes highly rated is the emergency opening. Recovering the pin code has now become even simpler and can be done at the front of the lock via a hole on the nozzle.


Lehmann dial locks comprise extremely robust housing. The 4-combination option offers high security, and the code is scrambled after each use. Well made means not prone to failure and Lehmann dial locks offer reliability which makes customers return time after time.

Other benefits

One huge benefit of dial locks is that they eliminate the need for key management at a property. Businesses see this as a reduction in administrative duties and providing additional keyless convenience; not having to deal with a lost key situation is a big relief as well as added peace of mind regarding overall security.

Where can Lehmann dial locks be used?

Dial locks can be applied to different types of furniture that include drawers, doors, lockers, and cabinets and are a great choice for the furniture industry and commercial sector. At Unico, we supply and distribute dial locks to a number of businesses, both large and small, as well as individuals to provide an indispensable security resource.

Where can I purchase Lehmann dial locks?

If you need advice, we would be happy to discuss your requirements with you, after all, with 40 years experience in supplying locks who better to ask.
You can order directly from our website
Need to know more about which dial lock you need? Speak directly to one of our knowledgeable staff who will be happy to advise you 01483 237 621. Alternatively email your order or enquiry to
At Unico we can fulfil single orders or bulk orders, from both trade or retail markets. Whatever your requirement, we have the lock to suit your needs and budget.

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