Lehmann Cylinder Locks

Lehmann Cylinder Locks

With Huwil cylinder locks having been so popular in the past,
 Lehmann have now developed their own version. These come with the same high standards you would normally expect from the family run business based in Germany.

Lehmann are well known for investing in design and innovation, so when it comes to locks they are among the best available. Characterised by quality and durability, we supply Lehmann locks because we know they meet customers’ needs. Lehmann locks always offer good value for money in a great product.

Cylinder Lock Applications

Cylinder locks can be used on a variety of furniture and they offer convenience and peace of mind for the office, school, laboratory, medical centre, work place and home.

When you need to keep documents or other items safely under lock and key, choose Lehmann because security comes first. The range we currently stock consists of the following cylinder locks:

Lehmann Cam LockMLM Lehmann Cam Lock

These can be used on drawers, pedestal cabinets, cupboards and post boxes, for example. The flat cam which is supplied will rotate 90 degrees and is generally positioned behind an angled striker plate.

MLM Lehmann Cupboard LockLehmann Cupboard Lock

These locks do not require rebating, the latch simply slides into a groove or behind an angled striker plate. Quickly and easily installed into cupboards.

MLM Lehmann Pedestal Lock

Lehmann Pedestal Lock
These are for desk units which have multiple drawers. All the drawers can be locked simultaneously if used in combination with a locking bar, pins and guide block.

Lehmann Sliding Door LockMLM Lehmann Sliding Door Lock

Pushing the lock extends a small pin from the rear of the lock which will prevent effective passing or sliding of the second door thus locking access to the unit behind. These are appropriate for wooden doors.

What are the technical specifications?

  1. 16.5mm Diameter
  2. Each lock is available with 200 differs (non-mastered) 
  3. Each Lock is supplied with 2 steel keys

Where can I purchase Lehmann cylinder locks?

You can order directly from our website https://unico.uk.com/locks/mlm-lehmann-locks

Need to know more about which cylinder lock you need? Speak directly to one of our knowledgeable staff who will be happy to advise you 01483 237 621. Alternatively email your order or enquiry to sales@unico.uk.com.

At Unico we can fulfil single orders or bulk orders, from both trade or retail markets. Whatever your requirement we have the lock to suit your needs and budget.

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