Multi Use Extendable Tables

Extendable Table Design and Manufacture

An extendable dining table is exactly what it sounds like; it has extensions that can be inserted into the table to increase the size of the table to accommodate dinner parties and special occasions. Mostly, all you have to do is pull open the table top from each end, lay the leaf, or leaves, into the opening and push the table top closed again.

At Unico we offer a range of fittings for making either beautifully crafted custom made tables as well as supplying furniture manufacturers with the fittings for producing tables on a large scale.

Extendable tables for the home or at work

Extending dining tables are commonly used to maximise kitchen and dining room space but we also see many versions of extendable tables being used to utilise space in an office, conference room or educational facility, for example. They can provide a versatile seating arrangement to host meetings and parties and adapt to different needs, based on the required number of people; expanding and collapsing as the need arises.

Multifunctional tables that provide longevity

This style of table has been around for a long time. The versatility of the design and ease of use makes this table an ideal piece of furniture.  When crafted from beautiful natural hard wood, they can easily stand the test of time, being enjoyed for many years.

Variety of shape and size

Extendable dining tables come in many different sizes and shapes. A large room can likely fit any shape table, whereas a circular table often fits best in small rooms, which creates an oval shape once pulled out.

We supply different types of table fittings

Among the range of table fittings we offer are:

Some of the most commonly ordered table fittings are listed below:

Click catches
Click Catches

These come in two parts, allowing tables to be joined together securely and then pulled apart again easily. Different versions are available according to the required configuration.

Table cleats
Table Cleats

Table cleats come as a circular two part item, with each part being located on the edge of the table. The table then joins together by rotating the toggle and then pulled apart again when not required.

Brass table forks
Brass Table Fork

These are traditionally used on antique or reproduction tables and generally comprise 3 parts being a fork and 2 receivers. They support table leaves by inserting the 2 prongs of the forks into the receivers, in order to secure the additional table leaves. Using 2 at each end of the table stops any movement.

Folding leaf table mechanism
Folding Leaf Mechanism

This enables a two piece folding extension leaf to be installed in an extending table with a fixed frame.

Unico have been supplying furniture fixtures and fittings for 40 years. If you are unsure of the exact table fittings you require then speak to one of our experts. 

You can reach us by phone 01483 237 621 and email also offer accounts to tradespeople.

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