Innovative Electronic Locks

We already recognise the security and reliability offered by traditional Lehmann locks, however there are quite a few appealing features that come with their newer electronic locks as well. If you own a business, now could be a good time to make improvements and to upgrade your lockers and drawers with this new technology.

Lehmann E Solutions Offer Keyless Comfort

Electronic locks are a battery powered alternative to standard key entry locks. The various sensor options that are available include:

Fingerprint Scanner

Perhaps the most futuristic of all the electronic locks, whereby a scanner provides unique recognition for up to 50 fingerprints per lock. It is easy to use as a stand alone application and comes with a master code or emergency opening code. Code setting and modification do not require additional accessories. Includes a useful optical indicator and battery warning on the keypad.


Available for use by an unlimited number of different users requiring access. The codes can be set as private (with permanent code) or public (temporary user code) and as 1-10 digits as per the customers own choice. They are easy to install and operate and include an alarm for low power meaning, they are both convenient and reliable.


Up to 50 fobs can be programmed per lock. An easy to use stand alone application by which you are able to simultaneously lock or unlock all doors or drawers without actual physical contact. They have a master function and programming is available without additional accessories. Radio transmitters can be 2 and 4 channel.

RFID Technology (Radio Frequency Identification)

More familiar to most of us as card readers. Offering optical and acoustical signalling and compatible with various Lehmann lock slams.

Smart Secure

One of the most exciting options provides locking management via an app on your smart phone. Basic app functions are free but there are many functions available to optimise convenience and security of your storage, again without actual physical contact.

Where can electronic locks be fitted?

These types of electronic locks can be fitted on most furniture where an alternative to the standard key entry locks is required. Types of furniture include:

  1. Hinged door
  2. Drawer
  3. Flap pedestal
  4. File storage
  5. Roller shutter
  6. Lockers

Which industries can benefit?

LEHMANN offers a variety of components which enable the locking, organizing and managing of various properties such as workplaces, schools, retail, medical facilities and other group spaces. We see technology advancing almost on a daily basis to provide us with continuous safety, security and convenience. Electronic locks can be used anywhere that business owners have an increased responsibility to ensure the health and safety of customers and staff.

Is it suitable for my business?

Upgrading to electronic locks can be a big investment but the extra features and convenience make it worth it. Most importantly Lehmann offer flexibility so it doesn’t matter where, when, how or with whom you work, there is a locking system solution to give added value and suit your needs: fast, easy, customised and just how you want it to be.

Key cards, fobs and smart phone enabled locks can possibly offer infection control solutions, if it eliminates the need to touch furniture. Where it is still necessary to use a handle for example sanitisation is still necessary.

As a company with an outstanding reputation, we trust Lehmann to provide innovative technology as well as safekeeping personal possessions. Always striving to be secure, be flexible and be the best.

Why Choose Unico for your Electronic Locks?

Whether you are looking for an electronic lock to be used on a cabinet, cupboard, locker or drawer be it a fingerprint, keypad, transponder or RFID lock we can help. We provide a professional, prompt and reliable service and our trained advisors are on hand to help you. We only supply electronic locks from leading manufacturers

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