Soft Close Hinges

Soft Close HingesIf you are sensitive to noise or simply want to enjoy a more pleasant and comfortable environment, then soft close hinges are an essential item. Their application range from cupboards in the bedroom, kitchen, office, workshop and more. Almost any kind of cabinetry will benefit from soft close hinges which are a particular godsend for cabinets with heavy use.

At Unico we work with leading manufacturer Siso to supply soft close hinges on both a trade and retail basis. Available in 3 options - full overlay, half overlay for doors on a double unit and inset, where doors sit within the unit.

Features of soft close hinges

  • Reduced noise
  • Easy to fit and come with a clip on plate
  • High degree of adjustment for exact fit
  • Hidden mechanisms using a small cover
  • Nickel plated
Just making the subtle change of adding soft close hinges can make the biggest difference to your enjoyment of a room. Clever details and hidden solutions can be key. With soft close hinges cupboard doors never need to be left ajar.

Soft Close Hinge Example

Benefits of soft close hinges

Prevents wear and tear

As cabinet doors will not be slammed shut, expect the life of cabinets and doors to be extended. Enjoy the comfort and elegance for longer, with doors that are more pleasant to use with less maintenance.

Quality manufacturer

Siso produces a range of items and only sells business to business. Based in Denmark, Siso sells internationally to 72 countries. At Unico we pride ourselves on being able to offer great choice, good quality and value for money.

Peace and quiet

The hinge will ensure the door closes quietly and efficiently. Siso soft close hinges eliminate the need for additional soft close mechanisms to provide a fully integrated soft close system solution. No need to attach noise buffers to the cupboard.


Soft close hinges are particularly child friendly as it avoids fingers being closed in cupboards. As the mechanism slows the closing of the door, children will not have their hands pinched even if they are in the way as the door glides shut.

You can see full product details by clicking this here - Unico Soft Close Hinges

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