5 advantages of having keyless locking systems

Fiddly wristband with key
Most of us will have come across the traditional locker system be it at school, our place of work or the gym. These important metal boxes keep our belongings safe while we go about our business. You will also have had to decide where to keep the key to the locker...

Of course, a lot of lockers have a key built into a wrist band. Most of us will try and wrap it around our wrists while trying to stop the key from turning around and digging in our arm. As we move around the wrist band can start to feel loose and become irritating. Others will try and keep the key safe in their bag or pocket and hope we remember where we put it when we need it!

Installing new lockers?

So, for the comfort of your guests, customers and travellers, perhaps those companies looking to install new lockers in such places as locker rooms, workplaces, schools and transport hubs, might want to consider the keyless locking system alternative.

Unico components are specialists in supplying furniture fittings and work with a number of quality manufacturers, one of these being MLM Lehmann. Lehmann manufacture code locks that require no key, all you need is a four digit code.

What are the advantages of a keyless locking system?

Row of traditional lockersHere we will provide 5 advantages of keyless locking systems:

1.  Simplified logistics

When fitting, lockers can be placed in any order and position due to them being neutral with no predetermined numbering.

2.  No annoying keys

A key can be uncomfortable to carry and a nuisance as people worry about losing them. A keyless locker is convenient for families and friends sharing a locker as it allows everyone to access a single locker using their unique PIN.

3.  Better security

Lost keys are undoubtedly a security risk. With keyless locks, a secure, unique PIN protects against those risks.

4.  No key Management

There is no administrative burden with regard to the management of the locker keys.

5.  Keeping up with technology

Providing keyless lockers can look far more impressive than a room full of traditional lockers. Keyless lockers can give a far better image of your company showing your guests and customers that your business is modern and progressive.

Image of keyless lock systemWhich keyless locking system should you choose?

We supply a number of different dial lock keyless systems to suit a number of different applications and panel thicknesses. 

To ensure you choose the correct keyless locking system, get in touch with us. With over 40 years experience in supplying furniture fittings, you can rest assured that our team will always provide a friendly, prompt and reliable service.

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