Ingenious Mechanical Devices - The Dial Lock

Antique Combination LockDid you know the dial lock has been around since, well - forever!? There are surviving examples dating as far back as the ancient Roman times when dial locks were used to protect the valuables of the dead from grave robbers. And they proved a very good deterrent to thieves even back then. 

We find the first written information on dial locks in 1206, in the wonderfully named The Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices by the engineer Al Jazari. Very much later, the dial lock gets to be patented in the U.S around the beginning of the 20th century by Joseph Loch. The aptly named Loch had been supplying locks for the world famous jeweller Tiffany, who were looking for ways to increase security and protect their precious gems. These locks also went by the name of the tumbler lock and combination lock, because the lock obviously needs a combination of numbers to open.

Modern locks vs traditional locks

Nowadays we have also advanced on to electronic and digital locks which have some great applications and use. The benefit of a dial lock however, is due to the lock’s mechanical design, it doesn’t need to have batteries replaced and isn’t susceptible to any kind of power failure or bug issues. Both offer greater security and peace of mind over the more traditional keyed locks. Dial locks also look up to date and stylish, so maybe it is time to think about upgrading your locks?
Lehmann Dial Lock

Keyless for convenience and added security

Dial locks can be more desirable than a traditional keyed lock for a multitude of reasons. Let’s face it, the keys can be annoying to wear and easily lost if carried. This creates extra work within a business, not to mention the security risk and the headache entailed. If the key is lost the whole lock should be replaced, which is costly and time consuming. By comparison dial locks can just simply be reset.

Where many people require access to a storage cupboard for example, having a dial lock is far simpler for staff and easier to manage, plus it can provide greater security and peace of mind. Keyless locks negate the need to share or borrow keys and eliminate the possibility of losing the key and subsequent replacement of the lock every time.

Design, function and application of dial locks

There are many industrial and commercial applications in providing locks for hospitals and laboratories, locks for gyms and schools, locks for hotels and hostels as well as locks for the home and office. Dial locks can be used on both metal and wooden furniture and with the proper care and service, dial locks will last a very long time. 
Lehmann range of dial locks
Dial locks, while being incredibly classic, are widely used today because they are relatively resilient to outdated standards. You can’t beat good design and ingenious invention. Dial locks have a very low failure rate that make them an indispensable security resource.

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