Sliding Doors

Of course, we are referring to 'sliding doors' as in room dividers, not the film!

In the past room dividers were flimsy, often tacky looking, but now the grown up version is modern, stylish, practical and bang on trend.

Sliding door room dividers can come in a variety of styles and finishes, from simple minimalistic to chic glass, or a more rustic feel utilising reclaimed barn doors or wood. It can be an interior designers dream no less!

The sliding door room divider has become the contemporary, budget friendly and easy to install item to completely update and transform a room. We are starting to see them now in a diverse range of places such as student accommodation, hotel rooms, homes and offices.

One of the main benefits of the sliding door room divider is being able to temporarily create a multi purpose room when needed, and change it back easily when not. Either in order to hide clutter, but also equally important, is being able to simply just switch off from work and close the door on it all. Out of sight, out of mind.

Large room application

  • Partition a large room, excellent for open plan areas such as offices and warehouse conversions.
  • Create dedicated spaces for work, reading, cooking, gym and so on. Each area is easily closed off enabling the user to switch off from a days work or study and open it up again to give a feeling of space and light.
  • Create privacy when needed but keep the option to open up a room.
  • The easier and cheaper option to building a wall.

Small room application

  • Partition a small room to make separate areas (workspace/bedroom) but keep the overall space when wanted.
  • Save space when a door could not easily open inwards or outwards.

Five alternative applications 

  1. Up cycle an old door or piece of wood - great way to make a striking feature from something beautifully restored or perhaps an interesting piece of reclaimed wood.
  2. Window covering - completely block out light and draught when needed and open up when light is required. Particularly good for a large window instead of shutters or curtains.
  3. Barn door media console - with so many of us working from home now, it is important to have a space where we can focus and concentrate. If you are not fortunate enough to have a separate room to use as an office, you might be looking at partitioning a room with a sliding barn door or even creating an ingenious nook using bookcases and a sliding door.
  4. Laundry room - create a dedicated space for a washing machine, dirty clothes and cleaning products. Even if you can’t have a utility room, perhaps consider a utility nook.
  5. Kitchen pantry cover sliding door - hide clutter and make an extra feature of the door using chalk paint. Handy for writing a shopping list too!

Luna Room Divider
At Unico Components we have 2 ranges of quality sliding door fixtures and fittings, which are:
    Jupiter Room Divider
  1. Luna Room Divider - which comes in a black finish and has a soft close option. Holds a maximum door weight of 100kg.
  2. Jupiter Room Divider - the track material is aluminium and holds a maximum door weight of 30kg.
Both sliding door ranges are available to order online simply by visiting our website but feel free to call us if you have any questions and we would be happy to advise you 01483 237621

You can view the products at

How do I order?

Order online, delivery is free on orders over £20. We also take orders over the telephone if you’d prefer to speak to someone directly. We accept most credit cards and even PayPal.

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