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Applications of our Passion Glass Range
Siso Glass Door Fittings

If you are planning to upgrade your kitchen or make a display case or showcase, then you will find fixtures and fittings from the Passion Glass Range particularly useful. There are of course plenty of possible applications at work and in the home where glass doors provide a desirable feature, such as:
  • In schools and other institutions they are used for trophy displays and other collections.
  • Keep medicines easy to view but safely locked away.
  • Restaurants can display a range of spirits and fine wines while keeping them securely looked in a showcase or cabinet. Avoids accidents and controls substances.
  • Museum displays and other showcases - look but don’t touch!
  • Kitchen cabinets and home displays

Why choose the Passion Glass Range?

The beauty of this particular range is that no drilling is required. The glass just slots in and then simply tighten up with the grub screw provided. The complete range is available in one design with different style options. From top and bottom hinges, centre hinges, locks, lock strikers and handles. All the parts perfectly compliment each other to provide an aesthetically pleasing look which is straightforward to achieve.

Glass LockLocks

The Passion Glass Range locks can be both keyed and keyed alike. For example you could have a different key for each lock, or or if you order 10 keyed alike locks then all of the locks will have the same number and the same key. These are high quality chrome plated locks manufactured by Siso with 400 key ranges available.

Glass HInge

The complete range is available from top, bottom hinges and centre hinges. Centre hinges provide additional support when used in conjunction with top and bottom hinges. The hinge comes complete with catch function so the glass door is unable to open accidentally. The opening angle is either 90 or 180 degrees.
Glass Striker


Chrome plated strikers in different options are available, which sit flush with the edge of the cabinet.


Glass Door HandleStylish chrome plated  handles for single and double glass door options.

I am not exactly sure what I need, can you help me?

No problem just call 01483 237621 or email us sales@unico.uk.com or fill in an online form and we can advise you. Our knowledgeable staff are available to assist whatever your requirement.

How do I order?

Order online, delivery is free on orders over £20. We can even arrange for next day delivery if the job is particularly urgent. We also take orders over the telephone if you’d prefer to speak to someone directly. We accept most credit cards and even PayPal.

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