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As tradesmen (cabinet makers, carpenters and furniture designers) we look for products that match our level of expertise. The accessories we use in our production must match the high standards we expect from ourselves and provide to our clients. Producing furniture that will keep family, employees and belongings safe under lock and key is no mean feat. It is comforting to know then, by purchasing locks from, and putting trust in the Martin Lehmann name, superior security can be achieved.

Customers as partners, say Lehmann

Lehmann Lock HousingAs a family run company, the Lehmann brand has become a market leader in Europe. Lehmann locks are produced in Germany and like many German brands you can be assured of the highest quality. From the country that gave us Audi, Adidas and Braun, it goes without saying, quality as well as customer satisfaction are a high priority. You may already be familiar with the Huwil lock range and interestingly, Huwil was incorporated into the Lehmann business in 2009. The company particularly prides itself on development, design and innovative products and being able to provide sustainable solutions to meet your requirements.

Retrofit locks are cylinders that go into larger looking devices

Removable CylinderWe focus on the removable cylinder 18mm and 16.5mm as a great way of securing cabinet doors and drawers. The housings can be used when producing furniture across a wide range of industries and locations, not just residential but hotel, shop, warehouse and office. Larger institutions from healthcare, education and government benefit from the easy ability to swap out the removable core without taking apart the whole lock. The cores are simply replaced with new ones allowing for a quickly completed service without damage to furniture. For example, if keys are lost or fall into the wrong hands, the amount of time and effort involved in rectifying the situation becomes greatly reduced. Definitely advantageous to consider and communicate to customers, this type of easily replaced cylinder lock at early planning stages.


All of the following can include housings for locks within the Martin Lehmann range: hinged door, drawer, flap, pedestal, lateral file cabinet, sliding door cabinet, tambour door and locker.

Even under the most enduring conditions

The galvanised surfaces of Lehmann locks mean they perform well even under difficult climatic conditions of extreme heat or cold. Where hygiene requires special attention, perhaps in a lab or in a healthcare environment, Lehmann provides a perfect choice thanks to the galvanised surfaces.

Where to purchase

At Unico we can supply cam locks, drawer locks, espagnolette locks or even glass door locks within the Martin Lehmann range. All the housings are available with a barrel diameter of 16.5mm or 18mm with corresponding cylinders to match.

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