How to Utilise Kitchen Cupboard Space

We supply kitchen fittings to a huge number of kitchen designers, fitters and manufacturers nationwide. There is one thing they all have in common - how best to utilise kitchen space. Whether the kitchen is for a small area or large, every cupboard matters and every inch of space needs to be maximised.

Introducing Our New Wire-frame Range

Kitchens are the heart and soul of any home, quite often a hive of activity and houses many appliances, so ensuring that every cupboard has a purpose is essential. To help with this important part of kitchen planning, we are delighted to launch our new range of wire-frame units, which can give your kitchens that added innovation you need to impress your customers.

Here is an overview of our new range, click on the links for more information, the options available and measurements:

Swing Out Pantry UnitSwing Out Pantry Units

These swing out pantry units pull out when the door is opened allowing easy access to the frame behind. The baskets can be affixed in numerous positions.

Pull Out Larder UnitPull Out Larder Units

Our larder units are designed to fit all standard cabinets and come complete with fully adjustable baskets.

Pull Out Corner Units

Pull Out Corner Units

Carousel Corner UnitsThese stylish pull out corner units ensure that all available space within a corner is utilised. They come with 2 shelves which can be pulled out independently of each other.

Carousel Corner Units

With two shelves which swivel independently this unit is perfect for utilising space in corner  cupboards.

Pull Out Waste BinsPull Out Waste Bins

Pull Out Storage BasketsOur pull out waste bins feature a set of soft closing side fixed drawer runners and drawer front connectors. The bins can be withdrawn from the unit while the lid remains in place.

Pull Out Storage Baskets

Our range of pull out storage baskets are suitable for pull out and hinged doors, we also supply the perfect basket for underneath sinks which maximise space around the plumbing.

Pull Down Storage UnitsPull Down Storage Units

This two tiered wire shelving unit, once installed in to wall cabinets, allows the unit to be pulled forward giving easy access to the contents.

Wicker Storage BasketsWicker Storage Baskets

Ideal for open fronted cabinets, these wicker baskets are perfect for storing fresh fruit and vegetables and comes complete with runners.

Are you a kitchen fitter, designer or manufacturer?

Unico Components are specialists in supplying kitchen fittings and is the UK's distributor for many leading fittings manufacturers.

We supply a huge range of kitchen fittings to suit a number of different applications and requirements. With over 40 years experience in supplying kitchen fittings, you can rest assured that our team will always provide a friendly, prompt and reliable service.

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