Soft Close Drawer Boxes

Low Modern Box
Low Modern Box
If you are a kitchen fitter or looking to have a new kitchen fitted, then you will likely be considering using soft close drawer boxes for this project. As a leading supplier of furniture fittings, our soft close drawer boxes are very popular and we wanted to share more information about the systems that are available and how to fit them.

What are soft close drawer boxes?

Also known as soft close drawer runners or slides, this feature stops drawers from slamming by gently pulling the drawer closed. This pulling motion is where the term 'soft close' comes from.
Medium Modern Box
Medium Modern Box

What are the benefits of soft close drawer systems?

Soft close drawer slides help minimise any slamming noise from the drawer. With the drawer soft closing, this can also preserve the life of the drawer and protects the finish of the cabinetry. The soft closing feature also means that the drawer will always be neatly closed rather than left partially open.

Other considerations

High Modern Box
High Modern Box
Soft closing drawer boxes are more expensive to install, although they are a desired feature for customers and add value to the kitchen. However, some people with joint problems, such as arthritis, may find it a little more difficult to open soft close drawers as they require a little more effort. 

Which soft close drawer systems do Unico supply?

We only stock and supply furniture fittings from quality manufacturers and our range of soft close drawer boxes are Modern Box which are manufactured by GTV. Modern Box is a new concept and one of the most modern drawer systems available on the market. Their quality is confirmed by certificates issued by reputable, international research centres. The Modern Box drawer system guarantees high quality and durability in everyday use.
Corner Modern Box
Corner Modern Box

What are the different types of soft close drawer systems?

We have a varied range of soft close drawer box types including:

What is included in a soft close drawer box system?

Under Oven Modern Box
Under Oven Modern Box
Once you have a soft close drawer box system, all you need to provide is the back, front and drawer base to complete the drawer. The systems we supply include:
  • Soft close drawer runners
  • Twin walled sides
  • Cover caps
  • Front connectors
  • Back panel connectors
  • Rails (additional rails can be purchased separately)
  • Mounting screws

What accessories are available for Modern Box soft close drawers?

Under Sink Modern Box
Under Sink Modern Box
We also stock and supply a range of organisers for the drawers including:
  • Adjustable cutlery tray
  • Open cutlery organiser
  • Knife block
  • Foil dispenser
  • Spice Tray

How to assemble a soft close drawer system:

Installing a soft close drawer system is relatively simple and only requires a few tools, however there is an element of precision that is required to ensure it is properly installed and performs correctly. Watch this video to find out more about how to assemble a Modern Box:

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