Why are Lehmann dial locks the perfect solution?

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5 Advantages to Keyless Lockers
In our last blog we looked at the advantages of having keyless locking systems in your transport hub, gym or workplace. You can read this blog by clicking here.

Today we wanted to look at Lehmann dial locks specifically. We are the UK distributor for MLM Lehmann and their code locks are by far the most popular we supply to our trade customers. So why are Lehmann dial locks are so popular?

About MLM Lehmann

Since the company was founded in 1962, Lehmann have always been innovative and focussed on high quality locking systems to provide superior security. Lehmann remain a family owned and managed company, with a dynamic development team ensuring that their range of customised locking solutions are reliable and of the highest quality.

Lehmann offers a broad range of locking solutions, no matter where you require security, in an office or workplace, transport hub, gym or other public areas where lockers are required.

Why Lehmann locks for a keyless solution?

Lehmann Dial LockLehmann are a leading manufacturer when it comes to dial locks. Their code locks are just as secure but with no key required. These code locks are a perfect solution with 9999 available combinations for a highly secure lock. 

Here are just a few advantages of Lehmann dial locks:

  • Four digit dials for high security
  • Auto reset of dials to 0 during opening and closing
  • Integrated scramble feature
  • Code refind function
  • Available as freecode or fixedcode
  • Emergency opening feature
  • A number of designs
  • Option to add company logo
  • Lockers can be fitted in any order as there is no predetermined numbering
Lehmann dial locks come in a range of styles, left and right hand models are available as well as horizontal and vertical fixing applications.

Which keyless locking system should you choose?

To find out more about Lehmann dial locks, you can watch their video by clicking the link here.

We supply a number of different dial lock keyless systems to suit a number of different applications and panel thicknesses. 

To ensure you choose the correct keyless locking system, get in touch with us. With over 40 years experience in supplying furniture fittings, you can rest assured that our team will always provide a friendly, prompt and reliable service.

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